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A Printmaking exhibit at the Center and demonstrating artists painter John Lackey, potter Kristal Gilkey and Ri

All of the Kentucky Artisan Center exhibits are open to the public and free of charge. Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date news and to experience the creative side of KY! 

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Large Format Two-Dimensional Works by Eleven Kentucky Artists

Now through May 31, 2021

"Reveal" is an annual competitive exhibit that showcases large format two dimensional works. This year's  exhibit showcases work by eleven Kentucky artists. It also introduces five new artists to the Center.

Three of these new artists are printmakers who have created large black and white works as part of a printmaking event last year in Frankfort, KY by the organization BIG INK. This organization hosts large-scale woodblock printing events across the country assisting artists in creating large-scale works using the organizations giant mobile press.

The exhibit also includes textile works including large intricately stitched wall hangings by Kathleen Loomis and Vickie A. Wheatley. Mave Brittain has created a fiber work that illustrates a story using wool fabric strips.

Several artists pushed themselves beyond their usual size format to create new works for this exhibit. Kathy Conroy, a scratchboard artist, took up the challenge creating the large image "Star Gazer." Photographer Dean hill showcases reflections of light on water in his work "Edges" and John Andrew Dixon, a collage artist, stretched his format to four feet in his work "Synthesis."

Participating artists include: Mave Brittain, Kathy Conroy, John Andrew Dixon, Beverly Glascock, Dean Hill, Kathleen Loomis, Paula Murphy, Toby Penney, Vickie A. Wheatley, Jeremy Wooldridge and Risa Yost.

This exhibit is on display in the Center's lobby through April 30, 2021.


Now through June 30, 2021


This colorful exhibit showcases the work of 23 Kentucky textile artists who use a needle and thread to create their work. Included are quilts and stitched runners, dolls, clothing, purses and hats, fiber bowls and stitched beaded jewelry.

The show introduces two recently juried quilters Terri Smith and Celeste Hamm as well as a variety of items by Joette Dunn, from dolls to ornaments to pillows with embroidery thread stitched sayings. 

Of special interest is the intricate stitched beaded jewelry by Raymond Bridewell, the sculpted and sewn "Santa" by Lindy Evans and the turned wooden vessel with stitched glass beads by Jack and Linda Fifield. 

If you have any questions about the schedule or a specific event, please contact us.

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