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Kentucky Artisans

The Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea features the work of over 800 Kentucky artisans creating every category of modern and traditional crafts, two dimensional art, and other visual arts; music; books; film; and specialty foods. Many of the featured artisans have been juried into such prestigious programs as the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, and/or the Southern Highland Craft Guild.


Above works by Kentucky artists LaVon Williams, Jennifer Zurick and Amelia Stamps

Kentucky artists create both traditional and innovative works and are represented in the state's many outstanding museums and galleries, including shops in Berea. 

  Handmade books, soaps and beeswax luminaries 

The Center has a wide array of books, music and specialty foods - just right to enhance your grilling at home or to snack on in the car as you continue your travels throughout Kentucky.


Use the search tools below to research our listed Kentucky artists by name or medium and view their artist profile – you might discover someone new. Artisans who are not currently working with us can apply using the appropriate artisan application and we will add them to our list.

READ MORE Ehrlich, Barbara — Adornments
Artisan Number: 1443
visual arts: fiber
READ MORE Elswick, Amy — Clay House Pots
Artisan Number: 139
visual arts: clay
READ MORE Thomas, Elizabeth — E. Thomas Photography
Artisan Number: 508
visual arts: photography
READ MORE Earle, Dr. Diane
Artisan Number: 859
music: instrumental
READ MORE Brown, Paul — Earthy Browns Natural Products LLC
Artisan Number: 1452
visual arts: soaps & lotions
READ MORE Eby, Delmar — East Laurel Woodcrafts
Artisan Number: 119
visual arts: wood
READ MORE Newell, Ed — Ed Newell Photography
Artisan Number: 1361
visual arts: photography
READ MORE Edmonds, John
Artisan Number: 892
music: religious, vocal
READ MORE Edwards, Kim
Artisan Number: 5024
literary arts: fiction
READ MORE Skinner, Cheryl Lynne — Elinez Music
Artisan Number: 865
music: instrumental, jazz
READ MORE Elkins, Robert
Artisan Number: 847
literary arts: other non fiction, short stories
READ MORE Elliot, Ron
Artisan Number: 5181
literary arts: history
READ MORE Elliott, Anne Porter
Artisan Number: 349
visual arts: clay
READ MORE Ellis, Robert — Ellis Woodworking
Artisan Number: 1106
visual arts: wood
READ MORE Ellis, Normandi
Artisan Number: 1700
literary arts: short stories
READ MORE Ellis, Ron
Artisan Number: 5182
literary arts: other non fiction, short stories
READ MORE Schwalbach, Jay — Elm Street Epicure
Artisan Number: 1600
food: other food
READ MORE Elmwood Inn Fine Teas
Artisan Number: 651
food: beverages
READ MORE Delzer, Eloise — Eloise Delzer
Artisan Number: 1733
literary arts: children's
READ MORE Houweling, Emmy — Emmy's Art Studio
Artisan Number: 251
visual arts: painting
READ MORE English, Logan
Artisan Number: 5026
literary arts: poetry
READ MORE Mc Enroe, Rhonda — Enroe Studio
Artisan Number: 450
visual arts: painting
READ MORE Esser, Kathleen
Artisan Number: 256
visual arts: painting
READ MORE Sizemore, Estelle — Estelle Jewelery
Artisan Number: 198
visual arts: metal
READ MORE Estes, Wayne
Artisan Number: 558
visual arts: wood
READ MORE Evan Williams
Artisan Number: 5161
food: assorted foods
READ MORE Evans, Jenny — Evans Orchard & Cider Mill
Artisan Number: 1618
food: jams & jellies
READ MORE Evans, Ronald W.
Artisan Number: 905
food: other food; literary arts: children's, other non fiction
READ MORE Everly, Don — Everly Brothers
Artisan Number: 5027
music: pop
Artisan Number: 5154
music: country
READ MORE Eubank, Gina — Gina's Bee Lick Botanicals
Artisan Number: 358
visual arts: other visual arts
READ MORE Erickson, Leif — Healing Ground Farm
Artisan Number: 1474
visual arts: natural materials
READ MORE Eric, Heath — Heath Eric & Molly G
Artisan Number: 1875
music: rock
READ MORE Evans, Lindy — Images of Santa Claus
Artisan Number: 181
visual arts: other visual arts
READ MORE England, John — Outback Glass
Artisan Number: 1190
visual arts: glass
READ MORE Ellis, Vicki — Raison D'Etre
Artisan Number: 5189
music: assorted music
READ MORE Enge, David — Tater Knob Pottery & Farm
Artisan Number: 273
visual arts: clay