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Kentucky Wonder String Band

Cold Spring, KY


CDs - old time traditional string band
The Kentucky Wonder String Band was formed inadvertently, and over time its members have waxed and waned and stumbled accidentally into venues where old time traditional music is appreciated, frequently on porches or under shade tree.

Currently the band is an ensemble of three musicians who perform mostly traditional American music. The featured instruments are the banjo, fiddle, guitar, and hammered dulcimer.

Jack Bunch, whose musical roots reach back to the late 1800s, provides melody and harmony with his soulful fiddle playing. Steve Adkisson adds rhythm and percussion with his claw hammer style banjo and guitar playing, and Kyle Meadows' arrangements on the hammered dulcimer contribute to the melody and upper register.

Their performances are fun and informal, with tunes ranging from lively, high speed reels to peaceful, slow waltzes.