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Wineland, Heidi — KittyAllen

Winchester, KY


"knitagains" - fiber doll figures made from recycled recycled sweaters and t-shirts.
Heidi is a self-taught crafts artist who works in many mediums, preferring to use fabric scraps and recycled materials to make small, happy, useful things. Her KittyAllen products have been featured in local and national media.


Heidi comments, “Women have been making useful things out of whatever materials are at hand since the dawn of civilization. The most common products have always been household goods, clothing, personal ornament and children’s playthings. I continue this tradition by transforming old sweaters, fabric scraps and other found materials into useful or comforting items. It is a pleasure for me to make things and I hope they find homes where they can be useful and bring happiness to others.

 Heidi’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY, and at the Kentucky Market Pavilion, Owingsville, KY.