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Rogers, William — Cedar Ridge Canes

Harrodsburg, KY


canes, carved wall reliefs

William (Bill) Rogers is a Kentucky native and has lived most of his life in and or near historic Harrodsburg, KY. After high school, Bill attended a technical school and then worked for IBM in Lexington, KY for 30 years before retiring.


Shortly after retirement, Bill began making walking sticks and canes. Wanting to make distinctive products, he decided to work mostly with Kentucky Red Cedar, which is abundant around his home in Mercer County. Cedar had unique colors and grains not found in other woods. Seasoned cedar is also lightweight and durable, which are both desirable characteristics.


Bill’s canes are also unique because their handles are made from Victorian era doorknobs or hose hame knobs.  The old doorknobs are made of brass, porcelain, glass and metal. The horse hame knobs are made of brass. To further add to their uniqueness Bill hand sews leather grips just below the knobs.


All my walking sticks are handmade from Kentucky red cedar, except the walking sticks which are made from old tobacco sticks. They each have hand sewn leather grips, leather wrist strap and a rubber tip on the end. Some of my walking sticks also have a horse hame knob at the top of the stick that is both decorative and functional.


About his work, Bill comments, “I am proud to put my Cedar Ridge labels on each of my products because I strive to make each one as perfect as I am capable of making it.”


Bill Rogers’ canes and walking sticks  can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.