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Isaacs, Ron

Isaacs, Ron

Richmond, KY


wall sculptures from wood, trompe l'oeil

Image: "Flowered Dress" by Ron Isaacs, Trompe l'oeil birch plywood and paint   

Born in Cincinnati, OH, Ron Isaacs received his BA degree in art from Berea
College and his MFA degree in painting from Indiana University. Currently Professor Emeritus in Art at Eastern Kentucky University, he taught painting and drawing there until he retired in 2001.


Ron’s sculpture is unique in that it is constructed entirely from Finnish Birch plywood and specifically made to fool the eye with its realism. Trained as a painter, these sculptural works grew gradually out of painting problems he had, and became a hybrid about halfway between painting and sculpture. An equal amount of time is usually required for the construction of the piece and the painting of it. His strategy is to build as much of the detail onto the surface, and then rely on the paint to carry the rest of the illusion.


Ron comments, “Objects have great power for me. Natural or manmade, they have silent lives and histories that are borne on their surfaces. They show growth and decay, use and wear, care and neglect, and they accumulate in my life and work as signs of memory, loss and beauty. They are evidence of who we were and are, and there is mystery just in the voiceless physical presence of an object.”


Ron’s works are in major public and private collections and he is represented at SOFA (Sculptural Objects & Functional Art), Chicago.