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Shambro, Michael — Shambrola Wood Art

Lexington, KY


clocks, ornaments, other items

Michael and Deb Shambro began their careers as craftspeople by making ornaments for their own Christmas tree in 2005. They fell completely in love with the art of scroll sawing and have continued to create works in their “spare” time from their full-time jobs in the computing industry.


Using the scroll saw to create their images, Michael and Deb create portraits by designing patterns and portraits with wood. Both of them work on the design concepts – usually starting from photographs. The photo is first converted into a black and white image and then the image is made into a pattern that is then applied to the wood for cutting.


Michael does all the cutting from birch wood with an electric scroll saw. This type of portraiture requires precise cutting; the blade must be threaded through each waste area and the wood meticulously cut out. Finishing is done with clear polyurethane to preserve the surface and stiffened black felt is applied as a backing to create the black/white contrast for the silhouette effect.


Michael and Deb / Shambrola Wood Art are juried members of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen, the Kentucky Crafted program and Sheltowee Artisans.


Works by Michael Shambro can be found at; Top Drawer Gallery, Berea, KY; DamselFly Gallery, Midway, KY; at Artique, Lexington, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.