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Frost, Lindsay E. — Unique & Unusual Woodcarvings

Louisville, KY


carved bowls, buttons

Lindsay E. Frost uses “found wood,” for her woodworking—wood that has fallen due to nature or man but not specifically for her work. She takes the found wood and gives it a new life, transforming it into unique pieces to be enjoyed.


Wood is older than man and has a story to tell. The grain moves around where a limb was, or where lightning struck and burned the tree. Wood is always trying to heal itself, just as man is.


Wood has a calming effect on humans. You catch yourself unconsciously rubbing a piece of wood. You look down on the ground and see an unusually shaped twig and you pick it up. You hold it in your hand and look at it.


Michelangelo said that every block of marble contained a figure and it was his job to remove the excess marble and release the image within. Lindsay feels it is her job to remove the excess wood and release the spirit of the wood in such a way that it pleases man.


Lindsay E. Frost’s work can be found at Edenside Gallery, Craft(s) Gallery, Koi Gallery at the Galt House, and Kaviar Gallery in Louisville, KY; A Taste of Kentucky, Shelbyville, KY; True Kentucky, Glendale, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.