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Stechschulte, Kim — Splinter Works

Versailles, KY


cutting boards

Originally from NW Ohio, Kim Stechschulte earned his BA degree in education from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He taught Industrial Art for a few years in Ohio before moving into the manufacturing industry. He came to Kentucky in 1996 and presently works as Manager in charge of training at JM Smucker in Lexington.


Kim grew up in the woodshops of his father, a full time woodworker and builder, and his grandfather who was a farmer who worked in wood during winter. Together they built everything from furniture to cabinets to houses.


Kim began his own woodworking business, Splinter Works, in 1999, creating turnings on the wood lathe as well as constructed functional items. He utilizes inlay techniques to create patterns using a wide variety of domestic hardwoods. Kim explains, “My dad did a lot of interesting patterns in his work that really appealed to me. I tried to come up with some distinctive patterns using the shape of a diamond – to try to create something visually that sets the work apart.” He uses a mineral oil finish on his intricately patterned cutting boards making them functional and food safe.


Works by Kim Stechschulte can be found at The Log Cabin, Berea, KY; Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.