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Parsons, John C — Jack's Turned Treasures

Fisherville, KY


turned items

A native of Kentucky, Jack Parsons graduated from Murray State University in Murray, KY, in 1971. He was introduced to woodworking when began taking classes after purchasing his first home, to maintain the house and make repairs.


During the 20 years he was on active duty with the US Army, he used their woodworking shops and honed his skills. It wasn’t until he retired and moved back to Kentucky that he was able to build his own shop and focus on this art form.


Jack’s philosophy is that wood is naturally beautiful and his job is to discover the best way to reveal that beauty. When he mounts a piece of log on his lathe to make an object, he tries not to have a preconceived idea about shape. As he turns the piece, he prefers to let it take him to the ideal shape. Since he turns “green wood,” the turning and finishing process can take up to a year. Jack finishes most of his bowls with two to six coats of Danish Oil.


Jack Parson’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.