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Keeton, John — John Keeton

Winchester, KY


turned vessels

John Keeton grew up in rural Floyd County, KY and spent most of his free time in the hardwood forests that surrounded his home. His earliest wood -working project was building a foot stool with his father for a 4-H project.


Keeton’s long time interest in Long Rifles led him to begin building them in the 1970’s. This eventually expanded into the realm of furniture making using his favorite woods of white oak, walnut and curly maple. While planning to build a walnut table in the fall of 2009, Keeton bought a wood lathe to turn the legs for the table. This lathe opened up a new world and he has been turning ever since.


Keeton states that his ideas come from deep introspection. Starting with a sketch of an idea, he refines the idea and form over several days working to get proportion and scale worked out. Many of his turnings are composite works comprised of multiple turnings assembled into unique and homogeneous forms. Some individual elements are dyed and finished differently from other parts of the form adding texture and variety to his works.


Keeton is a member of the American Association of Wood turners, is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen, is a juried artist with the Kentucky Arts Council and is president of the Bluegrass Area Wood turners.