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Salyers, James — Cedar Chainsawn Christmas Trees & More

Grayson, KY


chainsaw sculptures

James Salyers is the nephew of Joe Salyers, a self-taught chainsaw artist who grew up on a hillside farm in Eastern Kentucky. In 1974 Joe purchased an Eastern Kentucky hillside farm and in n 1996, he tried his hand at chainsaw carving

Born and raised in Carter County, KY, James Salyers learned how to carve with a chainsaw from his uncle Joe Salyers. Having worked in wood for many years, James has made furniture and small wooden items and also works as a musician and songwriter.

Encouraged by his uncle Joe, to carry on the chainsaw carving tradition, James has begun to create trees with a chainsaw. Using Cedar trees from the area and from his sister’s farm, James cuts 10-50 year old trees to create his works. He has also begun to create his trees using walnut for variety. All his works are dipped twice in polyurethane to seal the wood surface.