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Jim Sams

Sams, Jim — Jim Sams

London, KY


carved sculptures

Jim Sams uses wood to create carved and painted renderings of everything from delicate wild orchids to hummingbirds with a realism that is nothing short of extraordinary. Jim has been fascinated with the intricate detailed patterns found in nature for most of his life. He began drawing and painting when only five years old, and as a young teenager sold his first paintings to people in his hometown who admired and encouraged his talents. As a young man, Jim explored other mediums including clay and metal, but found wood best suited his ability to recreate the details of nature that inspired him. He has spent hours in the forest studying and sketching the various species of birds and wildflowers in his beloved Appalachian region.


Jim is totally self-taught, and over the years, his work has evolved from traditional woodcarving to a style that is uniquely his own. Each piece represents hours of research, sketching and planning in addition to the actual carving and painting. Jim’s patience and artistic skill bring extraordinary results from the wood, and his carvings capture and freeze in time, the fleeting beauty and movement of his subjects.


Jim is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen and the Southern Highland Craft Guild.


Jim’s carvings can be found in numerous national and international collections and at the Southern Highland Craft Guild Shops and annual fairs in Asheville, N.C.