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Cohen, Jason — Jason Cohen Wood Artisan

Louisville, KY


bourbon barrel furniture

Louisville-born Jason Cohen has been crafting classic, one-of-a-kind designs since the 1990s. A self-taught artist with an affinity for Shaker and Asian design, he has always used resources from Kentucky—like old wood from tobacco barns—to create new pieces as functional as they are beautiful.


Since Jason first began making furniture, he’s always tried to use old or discarded materials as the source of his pieces. Once-used bourbon barrels are now taking center-stage in his work. Bourbon barrels include two types of pieces—heads (the round pieces at the top and bottom of the barrel) and staves (the curved pieces around the sides of the barrel. In Jason’s work, the heads become the seats and the staves the legs.


The beauty and inherent usefulness of the barrel wood now gets a second life. It’s a Kentucky tradition saved from the scrap pile and re-born as fine, hand crafted furniture.


Works by Jason Cohen can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.