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Reynolds, James — Cedar Ridge Furniture

Crab Orchard, KY



Born in Germany, James Reynolds lives on a 76 acre farm that was the home place of his mother. He learned woodworking from his father and is mainly self-taught.


James uses a shaving horse of his own design to clean the bark off of the dead-standing cedar that he finds around his homestead. James works entirely with cedar because he loves the aroma, the softness of the wood, and the color and pattern found in the interface of heartwood and sapwood. James never cuts green cedar unless he knows a stand is going to be cleared for development or as a building site. He finishes his furniture with Danish oil, lacquer, and polyurethane. He hand sands, oils, and rubs out the finishes on his work and his joinery is all mortise and tenon. All of his pieces are meant for indoor use.


James Reynolds’ work can also be seen on his website at