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Baird, Dennis & Sharon — Ian's Art

Pine Knot, KY


kitchen tools, misc items

Dennis Baird was born and raised in McCreary County and his family moved to Ohio until Dennis was 9 years old. The family returned to Kentucky and Dennis became friends with the owner of the Wooden Utensil Company where he worked for 12 years. When the Wooden Utensil Company burned down they struggled to rebuild, but after two years they abandoned the attempt. It was then that Dennis struck out on his own with a new wooden utensil business creating wooden items for the kitchen. He began by re-designing several of the products he had made with his former employer, changing the handles from round to flat and making several completely new kitchen items.


Dennis cuts each piece out from lengths of wood using a pattern and a band-saw. He uses all native Kentucky hardwoods purchased from local wood mills, mainly focusing on cherry and occasionally using walnut or rock maple. Using machines to shape and do the initial sanding, Dennis does the final hand sanding of each piece and uses food safe mineral oil to finish them for functional everyday use.


Dennis is a juried member of the Kentucky Art Council’s Kentucky Craft Marketing Program and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.


Works by Dennis Baird can be found at the Promenade Gallery, Berea, KY; Honeysuckle Vine, Berea, KY; and  the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.