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Brammer Gap Soap Kettle

Skaggs, Marti — Brammer Gap Soap Kettle

Grayson, KY



John and Marti Skaggs are makers of natural soap products in the tradition of Appalachia. Their mild and gentle soaps start with a special blend of high quality vegetable oils, and contain no animal products.  Naturally scented with pure essential oils (the aromatic extracts of plants), the soap colors are derived from herbs and botanicals.


Brammer Gap Soap is all natural and contains the natural moisturizing glycerin that is usually extracted by commercial soapmakers. A mixture of high quality vegetable fats are melted and blended with vegetable oils that are liquid at room temperature. Each fat or oil brings something different to the finished soap, which is made in small batches. The soap is cast in wooden molds, hand cut and cured until firm. The soap is then individually wrapped, packaged or boxed.


Brammer Gap Soaps can be found at the The Chicken Coop, Grayson, KY; The Pendleton Center for Arts, Ashland, KY; Life Cycles, Louisville, KY; Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY; and at numerous Kentucky State Parks.