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Moneypenny, Jeanine — Moss Hill

Louisville, KY


soaps, lotions

A few years ago Jeanine Moneypenny began making bath fizzers and lye soap as gifts for her family and friends. Always delighted with her gifts, these folks encouraged Jeanine to start a business in bath and body products. In 2001, Moss Hill was formed. It was perfect for Jeanine – not only did she  have a business making products she loved, but she could also work from home and be with her three young children.


Jeanine and Moss Hill have come a long way. Still working from her home in Louisville, Kentucky, Jeanine now sells Moss Hill products in retail locations nationally.  Even with this growth, Moss Hill continues to be a family-operated business. Jeanine’s mother and mother-in-law help with her art shows, her dad offers financial advice and help at shows, her brother-in-law designed her company logo and labels for all her products, and Jeanine’s husband handles the cutting of all her soaps.


All of Moss Hill’s products are still made in small batches from their very own recipes. Every item receives individual attention throughout each step of the creation process.


Moss Hill products can be found at Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville; Outside the Box, Lexington; The Corner Store, LaGrange, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.