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Perreiah, Grace

Lexington, KY



Grace Perreiah was born in Los Angeles, CA.  She studied art under the late Corita Kent and received a BA in Art from Immaculate Heart College.  She continued her graduate studies at Indiana University and at the International Arts Studio in Florence, Italy.  Grace has also studies history of architecture, historic preservation, and interior design at the University of Kentucky.


Residing in Lexington since 1967, Grace has composed over 500 serigraph editions including some five thousand handmade prints.  A serigraph is a color print made by a hand printing process.  With a squeegee the artist presses paint through a fine mesh silkscreen.  Because some areas of the screen are blocked out a design appears on the printmaker’s paper.  A fresh design is prepared for each new color and several layers of paint create the final print.  Thus, each serigraph is an original work of art.


Grace says “Serigraphy is a visual medium in which I am comfortable and find appropriate for the expression of my feelings, visions, and interests.  As an artist I am affected by the spirit of exploration and discovery in out time, and this field offers me seemingly infinite possibilities for formulating and sharing my views.  Every serigraph becomes an exciting adventure for me.”


As a member of the Lexington Art League and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen since 1967, Grace has lectured and conducted numerous workshops for civic organizations and the Fayette County Schools.


Grace’s work can be found at regional art fairs, in exhibitions, and at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, KY.