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Bentley, Brett — Photo Bentley

Martin, KY



Brett Bentley says that his work with photography started as a hobby, “a form of release from the day to day grind.” 


He explains that he has always loved the outdoors and growing up he explored different avenues for  being outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and camping. He found, though that although he enjoyed all of those outdoor activities,  he “wanted to bring something back, not just memories, but something tangible.” 


To capture that missing element, he pulled his father’s 35mm Minolta out of the closet and began to take it on outings with him. Speaking of his photography work, Brett comments, “Now I travel frequently to destinations in Appalachia with my Nikon digital camera to document these old hills.”


As his photography developed, he felt he needed better presentation. Inspired by local frame maker and photographer, Kenny Mitchell, he began crafting his own frames from various hardwoods. Brett comments, “Making my own wood frames affords me full creative control when it comes to style and accentuation of my images.”


Works by Brett Bentley can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.