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Jeter, Shirley

Jeter, Shirley

Lexington, KY


watercolor paintings, cards, prints

Shirley Jeter has a degree in art from the University of Kentucky but is mostly self-taught in watercolor. She has taken workshops with numerous well-known watercolor artists, among them regional painters Keith Spears and Jim Cantrell.


Shirley uses transparent watercolors, which allow the white paper to show through, creating rich intense colors uncharacteristic of traditional watercolor paintings. She builds up washes of color on cold pressed watercolor paper, which has more texture than hot pressed watercolor paper. This allows for more vibrant colors as the washes build up on the paper.


Shirley is a member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society, The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, The Lexington Art League and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.


Shirley’s work can also be found at Miller Fine Art, Lexington, KY; Artique, Lexington, KY; and in many Kentucky State Park gift shops.