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Ritter, Patricia

Ritter, Patricia

Kettle, KY


watercolor paintings, cards, prints

Pat Ritter began painting when she was given a set of watercolors by a friend and work associate over 20 years ago. Entirely self-taught in this medium, Pat credits her father with being a major influence. She explains, “My father used to make multiple drawings on a tablet of paper so that when you flipped the pages it looked like the people and animals moved—they were unique animated story books. He encouraged our artistic activities.


Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Pat trained as a classical dancer and worked as a paralegal before moving to KY in 1978. The landscape and small towns in Kentucky have been a constant source of creativity and endless inspiration for her work. She hopes to share the peace and wonder she feels for everyday scenes. She is fascinated with the patterns of shadow and uses strong contracts of dark and light.


Pat is also an active arts advocate. She is a consultant for the organization Arts Kentucky and works for the Kentucky Arts Council as a coordinator for grants programs that bring artists into school settings. Pat is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artist and Craftsmen and a roster artist with the Kentucky Arts Council.

Pat’s work can also be found at the Kentucky Museum Gift Shop, Bowling Green, KY; Chestnut Street Gallery, Berea, KY; and Highland Raku Studio and Fine Art Gallery, Columbia, KY