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Lackey, John P.

Lexington, KY


acrylic paintings

Several years ago, artist John P. Lackey of Lexington, put aside nearly twenty years of printmaking, as well as his day job as art director at a TV station, to pursue painting full-time. His landscapes are informed by two decades of carving blocks for prints, which has resulted in a somewhat linear element in his style of painting, and a tendency at times to layer his colors and paint.


By painting landscapes of points of interest both regionally and nationally, in a fluid language, John strives to combine the beauty of the natural world with the energy of people and their civilizations – leaving hazy implications in the grasses and leaves, revealing the shadow of a fleeting imprint of an underlying order, and giving a hint of understanding of the larger perspective. Abstract patterns form in his work, and new images are seen – faces in the trees, and dancing leaves.


While John attempts to keep his landscapes separate from his abstract works – they tend to come together in his paintings, giving the work a spark that is both soothing and exciting. He states, “Many artists are the greatly imbalanced, trying to orchestrate and cajole their unnamed fears and hang-ups onto a page or canvas, sculpture or song – twisting the already twisted, into something of interest or curiosity, beauty or truth, or lemons into lemonade. I tell my sons, in the end – its all about balance.”


John lives in Lexington with his wife and two sons and has his painting studio at Gallerie Soleil on Short Street, Lexington, Kentucky.