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Diana Colgate Fine Art

Colgate, Diana — Diana Colgate Fine Art

Shepherdsville, KY


pastel paintings, prints

Diana Colgate was introduced to art as a child when an artist, Butler Wilson, came to live with her family. She spent hours watching him paint and found herself fascinated by his talent and creativity.


In high school Diana had the opportunity to participate in commercial art classes and she soon realized that art would be an important part of her professional life. After high school, Diana married and with her husband raised their daughter, Shannah.  After Diana completed a degree in interior design, she worked with other designers to customize furniture, floor cloths, and murals. Diana studied fine art privately with artist and teacher, Laverne Arkenberg and realized that painting was her calling.


Today Diana teaches classes and workshops from her studio in Shepherdsville, KY. She states, “I primarily work from real life and photos. Simple and ordinary things that slip away so suddenly are the inspiration for my work.” While pastels are her primary medium, she also works in watercolors, oils, and pencil. Her favorite subjects include portraits, landscapes, doorways and porches.


Dianna’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.