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von Fischer, Carl

von Fischer, Carl

Mt. Vernon, KY


oil paintings

Carl Von Fischer grew up in Cincinnati to parents who were both artists. Carl’s mother was a basketmaker and weaver and his father was a painter who designed for Gibson cards. As a youngster Carl took the bus or streetcar to the Cincinnati Art Museum. He states, “Almost every week, I would spend hours going from painting to painting. The ones that really caught my eye were the great western paintings. I knew early on – that one day I would paint – where and when I didn’t know.” Carl continued to draw and design throughout high school and at age 16, went to work for the summer at Glacier National Park where his love of the western landscape became a reality.


After graduating from high school, and a stint in the military, Carl went to the Central Art Academy of Commercial Art graduating with top honors. He worked for several advertising agencies in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Greenville, S.C. After five years of running his own business, he sold it to his partner and in 1989, moved out west to Missoula, Montana, where he began to teach himself to paint in earnest.


In 1992, Carl moved to Kentucky to be near his son and grandchildren. Here he began painting full-time. Carl likes to paint landscapes and animals and he uses a palette knife often to layer and apply the oil paint and delineate grasses, foreground, and trees.