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Belden, Jeane — Belden Designs

Lexington, KY


beaded jewelry

Willena Porcelain’s wearable art pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind.  Crystalline, the art of growing crystals on clay began hundreds of years ago, but was not seen in the United States until the late 1900’s.  A pottery glaze that is high in zinc is fired to a high temperature and cooled very slowly.  Crystal patterns form randomly in the glaze during the firing. Like frost on a window pane, the crystals are always different and stunningly beautiful.


The Belden’s believe that “art should convey to the viewer how the artists see the world around them.”   They hope that by combining artistic expression with their very unique style that they will excite the viewer’s senses.


Jeane and Ronnie began working with crystalline pottery in 1979.  In 1982, they found a way to use it on porcelain jewelry and continued to develop and refine their technique.  Jeane’s and Ronnie’s work is found in collections around the world.



Jeane’s and Ronnie’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea.