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Walters, Susan — Bending Willow

Pine Knot, KY


cornshuck flowers

Norma Walters was born and raised in Pine Knot, McCreary County, Kentucky. She is the oldest of seven children and grew up surrounded by a family of creative women. Norma’s female relatives taught her how to sew, knit, and crochet. She learned cornshuck flowers as a young girl from her grandmother and aunt. She learned how to work with willow from her sister-in-law, who taught her how to make baskets.


Norma worked creating crafts for Kentucky Hills Industries for 22 years, making cornshuck flowers, willow baskets, grapevine baskets and wreaths, and dolls. Norma excels in the cut and twist style of cornshuck flowers. When Norma’s daughter became interested in making cornshuck flowers she taught her how. Susan, who works at a county school family resource center, helps Norma make cornshuck flowers. Susan has a special tiny mum that she designed herself and is the only flower she produces.


Norma and Susan are juried members of the Kentucky Art Council’s Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.


Works by Norma and Susan Walters can be found at the Appalachian Fireside Gallery, Berea, KY; Red Bird Mission, Beverly, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.