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Farmer, Joseph

Richmond, KY


carved nativities & sculptures

A Kentucky native, Joseph Farmer lived in Jefferson County till his early twenties before moving to New York State where he lived and worked as a gardener. In fall 2008 Joseph returned to Kentucky to live.


For many years stone carving was a winter activity for Joseph, when his garden work was at a stand still. He is now carving stone full time. He states, “The stone more often than not, guides my chisels and rasps as they remove the chips and grains to reveal the images in stone.” Years spent as a gardener and wood worker have given him the patience needed to carve and sculpt stone. He uses mainly the softer material soapstone as well as alabaster to create his works, polishing and sanding them to bring out the color and pattern.


Joseph is a juried member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen headquartered in Berea, KY.


Works by this artisan can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY..