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Appalachian Fireside Crafts

Appalachian Fireside Crafts

Vincent, KY


fabric wearables, bark birdhouses, toys

For over thirty-four years, Appalachian Fireside Crafts has been marketing members work through their wholesale warehouse in Owsley County and their retail outlet, Appalachian Fireside Gallery, Berea, KY.


The organization’s 54 members live throughout the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, and produce traditional products from native materials. Product designs endeavor to preserve the craft heritage of Appalachia and members work at home using indigenous craft skills.


Arnold Moore, who at age 12 began to create the natural bark birdhouses alongside his father, is a second-generation craftsman. Production of these birdhouses is challenging, as the bark must be collected when the sap is up in the Poplar trees, averaging only three months out of a year.


Appalachian Fireside Crafts also has many quilters, woodworkers and wood carvers in its ranks.

Appalachian Fireside Crafts’ work can also be found at Appalachian Fireside Gallery, Berea, KY; Log House Gallery, Berea, KY; Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY; True Blue, Glendale, KY; Kentucky Haus, Newport, KY; Hawley Cooke Bookstore, Louisville, KY; Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, KY; and at many Kentucky State Park gift shops.