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Rezny, Mary — MS Rezny Photography

Lexington, KY


mixed media monoprints

Mary S. Rezny says of her work: “As an artist I am infinitely curious. As a photographer I enjoy taking a simple object and turning it into something extraordinary to look at.” She continues, “I tend to see the flowers and fruits as metaphors and symbols of life itself.”


For many years Mary has been exploring the art of the photogram—a photographic image made by placing objects directly on light sensitive paper without a camera, film, enlargers, or computers. Mary comments, “These camera-less images explore the elements of light, time and color—the fundamental photographic elements.”


Mary exhibits her own work art from established and emerging artists at MS Rezny Studio /Gallery in the Distillery Arts District of Lexington. Several of her photograms are included in the collection of the University of Kentucky Art Museum, and a set of her fine art books is included in the Caudill Little Fine Art Library at the University of Kentucky. 


Mary’s work can be found at MS Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lexington, KY and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.