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Bangs, Vicki — Paradise Point Creatures

Westport, KY


copper sculptures

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Vicki Bangs, is a self-taught artist.  She established her business, Paradise Point Creatures, four years ago.  To market her garden art, Vicki attends a dozen art shows each year throughout Kentucky and Indiana.


Vicki describes her art as “whimsical copper frogs.”  Her copper sculptures depict frogs in various situations from everyday life —doing the same thing people do.  Vicki designs and copyrights her sculptures and often names them as well.


Vicki’s creatures begin life at a recycling center in Louisville where she buys pieces of scrap metal.  Using her original patterns, Vicki cuts the metal into shapes, which she then solders and washes in an acid bath to give a green patina.  The process for creating a single sculpture ranges from an hour to a week, depending on the size of the sculpture.


Vicki is a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. 


Vicki’s work can be found at festivals and at The Garden Wall in Louisville.