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Theresa Jean Kibby

Kibby, Theresa Jean — Theresa Jean Kibby

Somerset, KY


anodized aluminum jewelry

Born in Las Vegas, Theresa Kibby spent most of her school years in the Cincinnati area. She has been involved with music most of her life and has a degree in music performance (saxophone and voice) from Indiana State University.


After college Theresa helped her mother set up and run a gallery of fine craft in Somerset, where she met local artist/jeweler Jamison Brumm. Having done beadwork in college, Theresa began working for Jamison Brumm part-time doing piece work. This job eventually turned into an official full-time apprenticeship as Theresa began learning all the aspects of jewelry production and marketing. She began participating in craft shows with Jamison and learned the selling and business side of the profession. After two full years, Jamison encouraged Theresa to go out on her own and Theresa celebrated the first full year of her career in fall 2004.


Theresa Kibby has always drawn animals, and her renderings are childlike and abstract. When she began to build upon the geometric qualities of her drawings, her images were easy to translate into jewelry. She began to add beads and found objects to the cut-out metal “critters” for embellishment and fun. Her own yellow-collared dwarf Macaw parrot and dog often become subjects of her jewelry.


Theresa’s works can be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft in Louisville; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.