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Kellersberger, Scot — Phoenix Creative Metal

Salvisa, KY


metal sculptures, yard items

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Scot Kellersberger has enjoyed working with metal all of his life.  Recently retired from the army, Scot and his family have settled on a small farm in Salvisa, KY,  where he has built a studio. Drawing ideas from daily life, he likes to take everyday scenes and capture them in fire and metal.


With his background in aircraft maintenance and aviation, he is interested in composite structures and uses his plasma cutting and welding skills along with his imagination to create his sculptures. Scot comments, “Much of my work focuses on the equine world. I have always been interested in horses and now, as an owner of thoroughbred horses, I have seen a new world opening up to me.”


Scot uses mild steel (carbon steel) and coats it with a copper patina finish. He uses a plasma cutter and bending devices to create his works and sometimes paints the metal with lacquer and car enamel to weather-proof it for outdoor use.


Works by Scot Kellersberger can be found at Artique, Lexington; and at  the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.