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Moriarty, Robbie — Robbie Moriarty Collages

Louisville, KY


bead & anodized aluminum jewelry

Robbie Moriarty, a self-taught jeweler, has been interested in the arts her entire life. She studied art at Western Kentucky University after which she opened a porcelain restoration business in Louisville. This business combined her interest in art with an appreciation and love of detail. She explains, “I have always been a collector of things, amassing hundreds of thousands of buttons, trinkets, charms, bijoux, beads and found objects.” Moriarty began creating collage works decorating frames and mirrors and eventually began to make jewelry using and incorporating the numerous articles she had collected.


Moriarty starts with sheets of brass, aluminum, copper and nickel. She cuts shapes from the metal and drills and etches designs onto them with a dremel tool. The metal is then sealed with lacquer after which beads, charms, wire and an assortment of found objects are joined together for the finished piece. Moriarty explains, “The challenge is the putting together of the cut out shape with the other found objects.” Each piece is a little different and Moriarty’s energy, spontaneity and whimsy are evident in her jewelry and anything she creates. This includes her personal Art Truck which has a Wizard of Oz theme – the Yellow Brick Road for its décor.


Works by Robbie Moriarity can be found at The Promenade Gallery, and The Kentucky Artisan Center both in Berea, KY; Completely Kentucky in Frankfort, KY; True Kentucky in Glendale, KY; the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY; Paradies Airport Gift Shop and Edenside Gallery in Louisville, KY.