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Morzillo, Jill

Louisville, KY


silver jewelry

Jewelry has always been a passion of Jill Morzillo. When she was twelve, she asked her parents for a set of pliers for Christmas and she has been making jewelry ever since. Jill attended Murray State University where she learned the art of metalsmithing and received her B.A. degree in 1999.


Jill says about her work, “Metalsmithing involves many processes such as soldering, hammering, texturing, filing, polishing, setting gemstones, and forging. Each piece of my jewelry starts out as a sheet of sterling silver and becomes transformed into a wearable piece of art by utilizing these many processes.”


Jill’s greatest influence is the Art Deco style with its characteristic clean lines, geometric patterns, and emphasis on excellent craftsmanship. Jill feels that craftsmanship is the most important part of creating art – for when a piece of fine art is made with great attention to detail, the observer can physically see the value in the handmade item, as well as the passion the artist has for their work.


Jill is a member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program, the Louisville Artisans Guild, and the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen.


Works by this artisan can be found at Gallery Janjoby, Louisville, KY,  and the  Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.