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Landenwitch, Jeanette — JML Creations

Florence, KY


precious metal clay jewelry

Jeanette has been working in Precious Metal Clay (PMC) since 1999. Jeanette’s work is all hand fabricated individually and her BA degree in interior design informs her sense of design and pattern.


Precious Metal Clay was developed in the early 1990’s by the Mitsubishi Company in Japan and was introduced in the US in 1995. Tiny micron sized particles of precious metal, such as silver and gold, are mixed with an organic binder and water. The malleable material is shaped like clay and then fired in a kiln. During firing, the binder burns away, and the tiny metal particles bond and fuse, producing an item made of pure precious metal. Silver PMC is .999 percent pure silver and Gold PMC is 24 karat. Items made from PMC are stronger than if they had been made of conventional metal of the same purity, and they are as much as 20% lighter in weight.


After the work is fired, it is hand polished and finished. Jeanette also adds glass enamels to her silver pieces. A minimum of three enamel applications and firings are necessary to achieve the desired colors and effects. If stones are used in the piece they are set into the metal as the very last step before firing. Only stones that can withstand heat and firing temperatures can be used.


Jeanette is currently the Executive Director of the National Precious Metal Clay Guild and has written a book Creating With Precious Metal Clay. She is a juried member of the KY Craft Marketing Program, Enamelist Society, and Washington Guild of Goldsmiths.


Jeanette’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea.