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Brumm, Jamison

Brumm, Jamison

Monticello, KY


anodized aluminum jewelry

Jamison Brumm started as a potter and then began making jewelry with porcelain, silk and fabric, until finding her niche with metal.

To create her jewelry, Jamison uses anodized aluminum. This aluminum has been made hard and porous through an electro-chemical process that builds an oxide layer onto the surface.  Jamison dyes this surface with permanent inks and seals it using hot water. Using this dyed metal, she engraves, cuts, hammers, and assembles her unique jewelry.

Jamison is inspired and influenced by nature and a multitude of cultures that celebrate the strength of humanity.

Jamison’s jewelry can also be found at Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY; Carnegie Community Arts Center, Somerset, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.