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Currens, James C. — Olson's Tinware

Versailles, KY


reproduction tinware

A native of Woodford County, Jim Currens grew up in Lexington and spent much of his adult life there before returning to Versailles.


Jim is a professional geologist by training and has written about the geology and hydrology of caves and springs. As a boy he played with sheet metal tools at his great grandfather’s sheet metal shop in Versailles. When he later became involved reenacting the American Civil War he casually mentioned his great grandfather’s old tin shop and was asked if he could make a tin item. Jim responded that he would try and for several years he produced authentic tinware.


When Jim many years later inherited his the tools he had earlier used, he began pursuing the craft part-time again. His current products include lighting devices, and Civil War and Revolutionary War items. Jim is one of fewer than 300 artisans in the country producing handmade tinware.


Jim’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.