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Creature Comforts By Erica

Kirchner, Erica M. — Creature Comforts By Erica

Prospect, KY


copper animal sculptures, jewelry

Erica Kirchner is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida and the University of Louisville.


The 420 acre farm Erica lives on in Jefferson County, KY, serves as a natural habitat for the pond, field and woodland creatures that inspire her work. Hidden in the contours of the hills, her small log home has housed several cats, doves, and even a pet deer. Any critter that ventures into Kirchner’s studio finds itself fair game for mimicry. Erica experiments with all sizes and shapes. She explains, “If I can fold paper and make it, it can be done in metal.”


Erica’s pieces are constructed by hand from flat sheets of copper and copper tubing. The copper is cut, hammered, manipulated, and then assembled using solder and brazing techniques and an acetylene torch. The matte finish is made using copper nitrate for a verdigris green-gray patina.


Erica’s work can also be found at the Swanson Reed Gallery, Louisville, KY; Edenside Gallery, Louisville, KY; and in many Kentucky State Park gift shops.