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Cobb, Dwayne

Versailles, KY



Jewelry artist Dwayne Cobb has been drawing all his life. After completing an undergraduate degree in art, he worked 18 years for Hunter Manufacturing. When the company downsized, he returned to the University of Kentucky, where he earned an MFA in sculpture. He worked in large-scale welded steel in school, but found that working on his own, it was difficult to work in such a large scale.


So Dwayne scaled down his designs and taught himself to make jewelry, “wearable sculptures.’” He draws constantly and uses his sketchbook as inspiration for his jewelry.  But he doesn’t work directly from his drawings. Dwayne explains, “If you work from your sketches too directly, you lose something – you lose spontaneity.”


With a broad background in materials and processes, Dwayne is able to use various techniques and elements to create his jewelry. By cutting and polishing stones, slumping and fusing glass, and creating lamp worked glass beads in combination with fabricated sterling silver, copper, and brass; he controls all aspects of his creations. Dwayne is able to continue to explore the elements of sculpture through his jewelry creations.

Works by Dwayne Cobb can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.