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Shadwick, David — Pod's Forge

Wilmore, KY


forged accessories

David Shadwick became interested in blacksmithing early in his life when a retired agriculture teacher gave him a forge. He attempted to teach himself blacksmithing, but with no other source of training went off to college and then on to a career in engineering. A few years ago, David discovered the John C Campbell Folk School – where some of the best U.S. artist-blacksmiths teach - and his passion for blacksmithing was rekindled.


With training at the John C. Campbell Folk School and the discovery of the “Artist-Blacksmith Quarterly,” David began to study and recreate works that had the look and feel of vintage iron work from the early 1900’s era. He is inspired by the techniques and work created during this time period by the blacksmiths who worked under ironwork master Samuel Yellin.


Guided by the quote, “there is nothing that is unseen,” David is committed to good craftsmanship and design, and he combines modern processes with traditional techniques.


Works by David Shadwick can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.