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Dacelle Peckler

Peckler, Dacelle — Dacelle Peckler

Danville, KY


wire horse sculptures

Dacelle Peckler earned degrees from the University of Kentucky and a Masters in Veterinary Entomology from Auburn University.  As a practicing veterinarian, Dacelle works as an ‘on call’ vet for both large and small animals in the Lexington area.


Dacelle combines her love of animals and horses and her respect for the environment by recycling used baling wire and recycled copper to create her animal and horse sculptures.


She gathers the wire from various sources, strips it of its plastic covering, cleans it, straightens it, and shapes it into animals, each with its own personality. Using only gloved hands and a pair of pliers, she individually crafts different breeds of horses such as walkers, thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses as well as other kinds of animals. Her artwork has been featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dacelle’s work can also be found at the Promenade Gallery, Berea, KY; Artique, Lexington, KY; and at many Kentucky State Park gift shops.