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Blackburn, Carrie Nan — Silver Smitten

Winchester, KY


silver jewelry

As a Central Kentucky native, Carrie Blackburn has always enjoyed being able to choose from a variety of natural inspirations. Whether she’s trail-trekking or stargazing, the patterns and organic textures there will later be creatively translated into sterling silver for her jewelry.


Carrie started casting in 2006 after hovering over the shoulders of several generous jewelers and she fell in love with the process. Jewelry casting involves pouring liquid metal into a mold. I begin by carefully shaping a wax model of the piece I want to create. I surround the wax model with plaster and place it all in a kiln that reaches 1,300 degrees.  After several hours the original wax melts away and the cavity left behind can be filled with molten silver. The plaster-like mold is broken and only the silver remains.


Each piece is finished by hand to highlight the detail present in every specimen-like creation. For observers, adventurers, and collectors, Carrie hopes this crossroad of art and imagination holds the happiness of discovery and wonder.


Carrie’s work can be found at Hoppers Jewelry, Richmond, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, KY.