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Montgomery,  Bob

Montgomery, Bob

Berea, KY


forged hooks, candle holders

Bob Montgomery grew up on a farm in Garrard County near Lancaster, KY in a time when every farmer did his own horse shoeing, equipment fixing, and making of tools. On the farms surrounding Bob’s home place, every tobacco stripping room had a forge.


While renting a farm that had farrier tools and an intact old blacksmith shop, Bob became curious about steel and forging. He started reading books, practicing at the forge during the cold winter months, and eventually, in 1980, graduated from the Mt. Eden Farrier School in Mt. Eden, KY.


Bob began shoeing horses on farms in Lexington, when the late Charlie Horrar, a Berea blacksmith, turned over his farrier clients to him. In 1995, Bob left horse shoeing to focus on creating useful and decorative items for the home.


Bob’s remarks,” My work is inspired from practice and experience—from time spent at the forge.” Special orders present him with welcomed new challenges and his humorous large forged animals can be seen in and around Berea via his involvement with the Berea Arts Council’s educational programs.


Bob’s work can also be found at the Upstairs Gallery, Berea, KY; and on the lawn in front of the Berea Tourism Visitors Center in Old Town, Berea.