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Kim, Sungsoo

Danville, KY


blown, fused & cast glass, sculptural

Sungsoo Kim was born in South Korea and began working in clay in 1994. His ceramics works were sculptural in nature and were mainly created using plaster molds to slip cast the final works. Sungsoo worked in a Korean studio/factory for several years designing and assisting in the casting of clay tiles before going to Kookmin University in Seoul, where he received his Masters degree in ceramics in 1999.


In 2000 Sungsoo became interested in glass and began learning vessel oriented blown glass and got a second Masters from Kookmin University in glass. After doing a solo glass exhibition in Seoul in 2005, he came to the U. S. to study with Shawn Mercer at Kent State University. At Kent State Sungsoo started out doing blown glass but soon he turned his focus to cast glass. After receiving his MFA from Kent, Sungsoo came to Kentucky in 2008 to work with renowned glass artist Stephen Rolfe Powell at Centre College in Danville.


Sungsoo uses Styrofoam packaging materials to create his work. He states, “I think one of the artist’s most important roles is to reveal the hidden value inherent within a particular object. By framing the object in a new way, the artist can challenge viewers to rethink the value of the everyday objects and encourage them to find pleasure in the most seemingly mundane places.”


Works by Sungsoo Kim can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.