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Payton Flameworks

Payton, Mark — Payton Flameworks

Louisville, KY


lampworked stoppers, ornaments, sculpture

With very little formal education available in the medium of lampworked glass, Mark Payton began researching the history of glassblowing, and the materials needed. Step by step and piece by piece, he purchased equipment and began to teach himself.

 Mark sketches his subject or design in various positions, angles, movements, and sizes to get a clear mental picture of what he will create. Then, using a hand torch powered by propane and oxygen, he heats and manipulates borosilicate glass rods of various thicknesses to acquire the desired form.

 Mark then puts the finished glass piece into an annealing oven at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit to relieve the stresses in the glass. This process actually brings strength back into the piece. Mark creates an amazing array of ornaments and ceiling fan pulls.

 Mark Payton’s work can also be found at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Louisville, KY; Glassworks, Louisville, KY; Completely Kentucky, Frankfort, KY; Edenside Gallery, Louisville, KY,and at many Kentucky State Park gift shops.