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French, Devin

French, Devin

Louisville, KY


blown & fused plates, bowls

Devin French, a native of Louisville, began his art studies at the Maryland Institute & College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. There he gained experience in drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Upon returning to Louisville, Devin exhibited his ceramic artwork and paintings at local galleries and festivals. 


In 2003, Devin started a career in glass at Architectural Glass Art in Louisville, where he learned basic techniques, including casting, silk-screening, laminating and sandblasting. He trained and now works under the direction of Kenneth F. vonRoenn, Jr., head architect. Devin then went on to receive his B.F.A. in ceramics at the University of Louisville.


Devin’s present work involves the creation of fused and slumped glass wares with designs and colors created using glass frits. He creates a range of utilitarian pieces such as bowls, platters, and cups. He has recently expanded into murals, awards, colorful glass ornaments and glass jewelry. 

Devin States, “I create contemplative pieces of art, using glass’s transparent nature to show layers of simple shapes that form complex networks.  In this particular piece, a yantra – a geometric Mandela - is formed for the viewer to meditate on.  One’s gaze can settle on the lines that are frozen in layers, or peer through the glass to see the surrounding environment.  One can also see light on the surface of the piece, in order to see what is reflected behind.  I am excited to work in this intriguing material, because glass is able to encapsulate past, present and future moments, within a single form.”

Works by Devin French can be found at Flame Run, Louisville, KY; and at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY and at his studio located at 954 East Kentucky Street, Louisville, KY  40204.