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Wiehe, Vernon R. — Warps & Wefts

Lexington, KY


weaving, woven bags, items

Born in Ft. Wayne Indiana, Vernon Wiehe received his Masters degree from the University of Chicago and his PHD in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. When he became director of a mental health center Vernon found that he needed something to relieve the stress of his job, and turned to pottery.


Vernon came to Kentucky in 1974 to teach at the University of Kentucky where his research and writing in the field of family violence has resulted in 10 books, numerous articles, radio and TV appearances. His professional reputation created a demand for him to give talks and seminars across the country, and since pottery was difficult to do while travelling, he took up needlepoint.


In 1990, when his wife went to Japan to study violin with Dr. Suzuki, Vernon took a class in weaving and found what he calls his “true calling.“  He purchased a Gilmore 46” eight harness loom and started weaving, creating shawls, scarves, rugs, and numerous other items on the loom.


Vernon now also uses a more portable folding ‘Wolf Pup’ loom which is 26” wide with four harnesses. He works with the ‘green’ fiber Tencel, made from cellulose and has recently begun to create ‘green’ purses by weaving carpet warp with strips of recycled plastic grocery bags.


Work by Vernon Wiehe can be found at the Kentucky Haus, Covington, KY; the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, Louisville, KY; Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.