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Reeves, Sue — Fiber Works

Richmond, KY


weaving, woven scarves,fabric bags

As a native of Richmond in Madison County, Sue J. Reeves was taught to sew at the age of eight by her mother, who came from a family of seamstresses. Sue received her BA degree in elementary education from Ohio Wesleyan College, but before going to her first teaching job in Cleveland, took summer classes at Berea College – learning weaving and pottery. Sue went on to teach school for 32 years, returning to Richmond, Kentucky in 1967 to raise her family. 


Sue always wanted to weave, so in 1980 her husband purchased a LeClerc loom at auction. Discovering that the hand brake was inoperable, she was unable to begin, until she learned about the Berea Weaving Guild and met one of the members, Dorrie Hubbard. Dorrie had an identical LeClerc loom and Sue’s husband was able to study it and then fix Sue’s loom.


Joining the Berea Weavers Guild, Sue had her first lesson on how to warp a loom in 1997. She went on to learn weaving and has taught herself from both books and from watching members of the Weaving Guild. Sue credits Carol Pierce for teaching her about color, and while her loom has eight harnesses, Sue uses mostly four harnesses when she weaves her scarves, mug rugs and other weavings. Sue also creates sewn jewelry bags, colorful knitted scarves and felted purses.


Works by Sue J. Reeves can be found at the Promenade Gallery, Berea, KY; the Gallery on Main, Richmond, KY; and the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY.