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Southerland, Shawnna K. — Red Red Bobbin

Berea, KY


stitched fabric bowls

Shawnna Southerland learned to sew from her mother and has been sewing since she was small. She states, “I sew because I love both the process and knowing that I’m continuing the heritage and craft of sewing. I love how the fabric evolves from a flat piece into something three-dimensional, completely different and unique.”

 To create her fabric bowls she starts by cutting fabric into strips. She then wraps the fabric at an angle around cotton clothesline to create a colorful rope. She begins each piece in the center bottom and coils her fabric covered rope in a circle stitching it together with her sewing machine using a zigzag pattern stitch.

 To create the bowl form, she sews each coil at an upward angle creating the concave forms. She makes flat mats and drink cozies as well. Shawnna says she gets her ideas from the colors of fabric and from nature.

Shawnna’s work can be found at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea.